The Reiki Ase Whole Life Healing System 

The Reiki Ase Whole Life Healing System is a sacred tapestry of Ancient Indigenous healing customs combined with our newer scientific health practices designed to restore individual, group and planetary healing.

Reiki, pronounced (ray-key),  is a re-discovered hands on healing system that utilizes universal energy for the purpose of healing and transmutation. The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words; rei, meaning “the essence of God” and ki which means vital life force energy. So , Reiki means spiritually guided life force energy that promotes health and healing. Within the West African Yoruba spiritual tradition of Ifa , which is first and foremost a cosmologically designed blueprint for mind, body and spiritual healing, Ase is known as the unifying power that connects ALL life to the Oneness of creation.

How does this Whole Life Healing System promote healing? 

The human body is a finely tuned organism of subtle energy that flows in and around our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional body. This natural life force energy flows freely and when un-constricted, sustains our life and promotes health. Continued stress, in the form of negative thought patterns, unresolved trauma, fear, worry, anxiety, and anger blocks the flow of energy and impedes the body’s natural ability to heal itself, thus creating dis-ease within the physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual body.

The Reiki Ase Whole Life Healing System is a uniquely designed blueprint which initially examines and tracks the psycho-social-spiritual, cultural and energetic patterns and dynamics that have created the blockages within an individual. Following the process of Whole Life Healing can begin through the use of sacred universal keys, ancient cleansing and purification rituals and finally incorporating the powerful energy of Reiki, which wholistically supports mind, body and spiritual healing.

Initiation, Training and Certification

Reiki Ase Initiations are sacred ceremonies that re-attune an individual to the Universal Source of energy through the strategic application of sacred symbols, focused intention and purification rituals. Reiki Ase has 3 formal degrees of initiation, training and practice that are independent in their application and yet build on each level for enhanced growth and mastery. To become a professionally trained Reiki Ase Whole Life Healing practitioner and/or master teacher one must receive the appropriate 1st , 2nd , or 3rd degree attunements, class instruction, training, practice and certification by a certified Reiki Ase Master Teacher . A comprehensive manual is provided along with the certification for all levels of instruction.

FIRST DEGREE REIKI ASE   attunements and instruction focus on consciously raising and aligning the individual’s vibrational frequency to the vibrational rhythm of the universe, resulting in a consistent flowing channel of healing energy. This spiraling energy force can be experienced as a powerful self-cleansing, purifying, transforming and healing tool. Further instruction is given on the path of life force energy, understanding the body’s seven major energy centers, spiritual, psycho, social developmental stages and so much more.

SECOND DEGREE REIKI ASE  attunements further raise the individual’s vibration and intensify the healing and transformational process. Initiates are instructed in the sacred knowledge, power and usage of Reiki and other ancient symbols to enhance in person and long distance healing. Initiates also receive focused concentration rituals to stimulate the development of the intuitive center located in the pituitary gland, commonly referred to as the 3 rd eye, which acts as a sending and receiving station for mental vibrations.

THIRD DEGREE REIKI ASE initiates receive the master level symbols, which further integrates the mind, body and spiritual connection to the higher dimensions. The master level initiation is an experiential journey of recreating a new personal reality, defining and living your personal truth and mastering your own physical, emotional and mental universe in preparation for self-realization in this lifetime. And for those initiates who want to become teachers there is the Reiki Ase Whole Life Healing teacher practicum and so much more.

The Institute of Whole Life Healing offers Reiki scholarships and sponsorships. Scholarships are based on demonstrated need, and keeping in alignment with universal principles and laws of reciprocity require an appropriate form of energy exchange. Sponsorships require organizing a class in your area of at least 10 – 12 initiates, locating suitable class space, collecting and forwarding initial deposits in exchange for your class investment waiver.