Many of us spend a lifetime seeking to learn and understand our purpose. In this quest for understanding, we may journey down different paths, some of which can be extremely painful and exhausting. Think of all the time you may have spent on the search to find yourself based on a system that is anti-nature and anti-you.

We all come into this life attuned to a specific vibration, yet we find ourselves seeking to function to the vibration of others. Take for instance a radio band; it goes from 87 – 108, and each of the different radio stations has a set frequency. Some stations can be found at 96.3 and others at 102.1, we will never find station 96.3 at 102.1, it will always be found at 96.3 because that is its assigned frequency. Such is the same with us. We come in to this life attuned to a certain frequency and as long as we function in accord with our frequency, we will be successful. However, it is not that easy. We are pulled each day into functioning at a different frequency through the allure of this material world.

For example, many of us want fame and riches; now this is not to say that this is bad, it only says that if you are not manifesting this in your life in most cases you may be seeking it out of alignment with your frequency and the frequency of the divine forces of creation. You tried and tried, and yet make no progress towards the realization of your purpose for being here and make little progress toward the fame and riches you seek. Divination can assist us in understanding that we are not functioning in accord with our frequency.

In short, divination is the process of communicating both internally and externally with the divine forces of creation, and oracles are the tools that facilitate such communication. One may come into this life attuned to the frequency of 96.3 and as long as they stay attuned to that frequency they are successful. However, if things are not going smoothly in one’s life, it is through divination that one learns that they may have moved way down to the frequency of 102.1. The divination will reveal the necessary steps to move the individual back to their frequency of 96.3 and thus ensure success.

Baba Ifa Karade writes:

“It is through the process of divination that seekers, come to know of themselves and the forces that are shaping their past, present and future lives. Through the process of divination the seekers, come to understand the need for alignment with their most heavenly Self and how to overcome the opposing forces that disrupt their efforts.”

This turning of the Divine dial generally takes the form of rituals, sacrifices and prayer. It is through prayer that one petitions God to turn the Divine dial back to their frequency. It is also through prayer that one comes to the realization and gains the conviction that the divinities will support the process of turning the dial to their frequency. Ritual is the technology that allows the turning of the Divine dial and sacrifice carries with it the power to bring about change and transformation. Essentially, it is through divination that one can learn their purpose for being here, and how to stay in harmony with their incarnation purpose.

An example of this can be seen in how the Dagara people view material and physical problems from a cultural view and the role of the diviner. Malidoma Some writes in his text, “The Healing Wisdom of Africa”, “The indigenous understanding is that the material and physical problems that a person encounters are important only because they are an energetic message sent to this visible world. Therefore, people go to that unseen energetic place to try to repair whatever damage or disturbances are being done there, knowing that if things are healed there, things will be healed here. Ritual is the principle tool used to approach that unseen world in a way that will rearrange the structure of the physical world and bring about material transformation. Divination is the means that tells us which door in the unseen world we should approach.

It is our desire to assist you on journey towards Self-Realization; and we find that periodic divinations are extremely beneficial in that regard. We recommend receiving major divinations and spiritual intuitive readings for the following areas:

Such divinations will assist in empowering you to become more in tune with your life cycles, and provide you with the proper direction, spiritual prescriptions (cleansings, offerings etc.), meditations and rituals that will bring you into harmony with the universal energies that are guiding and supporting your life during these major times.