Indigenous cultures around the world share a wholistic view for well being and healing. We believe that everything and everyone is connected to the whole. Individually we are like single vibratory notes that connect us to an entire omniversal symphony called Life. Within the West African Yoruba spiritual tradition of Ifa, Ase is known as the unifying power that connects All Life to the Oneness of Creation. Ase is honored in all ancient spiritual traditions as the Universal Life Force that sustains our being-ness through the rhythmic pulse of the breath.

Ase is intricately woven throughout Ifa, which is first and foremost a cosmological, wholistically designed blueprint for Mind/Body/Spiritual well being and healing. Knowledge of Self; Cleansing and Purification; and Living in Alignment with Absolute Truth are the three key principles within this vast cosmological tapestry on which the Ase Whole Life Healing System is based. Our healing system examines the spiritual, psychological, social, physical, emotional, astrological, ancestral, elemental and cultural influences that affect the health of an individual or clan group. Based on this knowledge that is stored within our energy blueprint we are able to obtain greater clarity and insight toward the restoration and maintenance of mind/body/soul/spirit healing and well being.

The Ase Whole Life Healing System combines many of the ancient cosmological principles of Ifa, Native American, Kamitic, Ayurvedic and other indigenous wholistic systems with the hands on healing practices and symbols of the ancient rediscovered system called Reiki. Other healing rituals that are included within this ancient tapestry of Whole Life Healing include:

The Ase Whole Life Healing System brings our entire being into natural rhythm (vibration) with all of nature. Being in harmony with nature opens us to a state of homeostasis. This further facilitates the manifestation of one’s life purpose and the actualization of one’s Divinity.