“And The Men Shall Gather” is retreat for men seeking spiritual upliftment & cultural manhood guidance.  A vision of our HRM Priest King, Nwa Chukwu Nashid “Koleoso” Karade Eri, our aim is to foster critical relationships between men & support each other in our roles as Husbands, Fathers, and positive role models in our communities. Our goal is to accomplish this through a weekend of educating men on several key elements essential to his spiritual, financial, mental and physical health.      

“And The Men Shall Gather” Retreat for Men will help you cleanse your Spirit, Rejuvenate your Soul, enhance your abilities through Bodywork; explore the depths of your mind, while strengthening your bonds of brotherhood.



Babalawo Omitosin Osunwole Ifalegunwa

Awo Dr. Fasurruate Omiyale Anke-Karade

Priest Akinrinola Greer

Priest Donny “Sotikare” Hardison

Priest Jermaine “Spirit Buffalo” Reeves

Priest Steven “Alagema” Harris

Priest Darwin “KhemReHaru” Kennedy


Iya Osunnike Scott-Manna

Elder Don Offutt



Massage: $60.00 (1 hr.)

Lingham Steam: $55