HRM Queen Mother Osunnike Anke

HRM Queen Mother Osunnike Ifeyinwa Anke Eri is the paramount Queen Mother, co-founder and president of the Institute of Whole Life Healing, an organization designed to assist individuals and groups in rebirthing their divinity. Queen Mother Osunnike is a natural healer, spiritual midwife, seeress, Iyanifa and priestess of Osun, goddess of love, beauty, sensuality, fertility, and a Reiki Master teacher.

Queen Mother Osunnike is also the founder of One Million Wombs United (OMWU) and the chief priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation – Passage into the Great Mother (SFM). The mission of OMWU is intended to ignite the luminous light within the wombs of women across the world. The SFM initiation is uniquely designed to spiritually midwife “chosen” women in answering that unrelenting “Inner Spiritual Calling” to rebirth their Sacred Feminine covenant with the Great Mother as priestesses in service to humanity. Queen Mother Osunnike’s additional training and talent is in psycho-spiritual therapy, drama therapy and the creative and performing arts; all of which she creatively weaves into her Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness retreats for women. This sacred work is designed to assist women in healing sexual wounding derived from trauma and armoring so they can begin remembering, reawakening and reclaiming their sacred sexual womb wisdom and power.

Queen Mother Osunnike traverses the universe from Peru to Africa, healing hearts and wombs from all walks of life. She is affectionately known to so many as the “healer’s healer”. She encircles people in her magically woven tapestry of healing, love, grace and spiritual truth. Her spiritual work is truly a radiant reflection of her diverse life’s journey.


In Loving Memory of the “Ever Present”


HRM Priest King, Nwa Chukwu Nashid “Koleoso” Karade Eri; most affectionately called Baba ji Koleoso who was the CEO and co-founder of the Institute of Whole Life Healing . Baba ji Koleoso was well known and respected for his willingness to follow his spirit’s direction and his soul’s timeless wisdom. In his own words, he “seeks to pierce the illusion of matter and become conscious of his divinity.” After two “Near Death” experiences (communing with the “Light” both times) and many years as an active minister in the Nation of Islam and an Imam of traditional Islam, he answered the call to Shamanism.

After his second “Near Death” experience, in 1980 Baba ji Koleoso received “Shaktipat” from his Guru Yogi Raushan Nath, one of many initiations. In 2012 he was adopted into the Royal House of the Eri Kingdom Enugwu Aguleri Nigeria, by His Majesty, Eze A.E. Chukwuemeka-Eri, and given the title and name Prince Nwa Chukwu Eri (son of God). In 2018 he was officially Coronated by His Majesty, Eze A.E. Chukwuemeka-Eri and held the position of Priest King within the Institute of Whole Life Healing. Baba ji Koleoso was also initiated in the West African Yoruba tradition as a Priest of Shango and High Priest of Ifa (Babalawo).

In addition, Babaji Koleoso was a Reiki Master, initiated as a “Pipe Carrier” and “Sun Dancer” in the Lakota tradition, and facilitated for 30 years “Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremonies” and initiated “water pourers and fire keepers” around the country. He was a retired college administrator and an “award winning” author of several books. Baba ji Koleoso facilitated lectures, workshops, and was the Chief Priest for the Seven Sacred Doors to Manhood Initiation and the EL Hajj Ray Male Rites of Passage. He also offered private Oracle Divinations nationally and internationally.