18th Annual Great Mother Honoring &  Celebration 

Reconnecting with Our Ancient Ancestral Wisdom Keepers

DoubleTree Hotel  * Lexington, Kentucky * September 23-25, 2022


Come journey with us, as A Unifying Rainbow Bridge here in Kentucky, where the past, present and future exist simultaneously across the Energy Grids. During our Sacred Sound,  Cleansing, Centering and Restorative Rituals, and Healing through the Arts Ceremonial Journeys:

  • We will collectively, and energetically Ascend into the Ancient Ancestral Wisdom of our Earthly and Stellar Ancestors…
  • We will consciously reconnect into the Ancient Ancestral Wisdom to remember how to access the Multi-dimensional Tapestry called LIFE…
  • We will heal and transmute inter-generational Trauma, honor the Resilience, Integrate and Celebrate their Ancient Wisdom…
  • We will plant Seeds for an Ancient New Legacy that will bring OUR HIGER VISIONS for HUMANITY into Manifestation…

“The Center, yes, the center of your being is where you will find the happiness that you seek, but where is this center? How do you get to it? Dear One, this is your own experience; it is for you to find the center of your being. As you journey toward the center of your being, you will understand what you have in common with all of creation. As you journey toward the center of your being, you will see that all of creation shares one thing in common, that is LIFE. This thing called Life moves through all of creation and it is not to be taken lightly, for all Life is interconnected”.

Ancestral Priest King Baba ji Koleoso Karade Ancestral Voices

Weekend Performance and Presentation Highlights

Soul Stirring, Heart Filled Ancient Modern Rhythmic Rainbow Bridge Musical Live Gala with


She has been surrounded by Angels since she was a little girl, and they continue to serve as companions, teachers, guides, and pro

tectors. Her commitment to the Divine Order of the Elohim, is a driving influence for her healing work in private practice, vocal & instrumental performance, music recording, ritual ceremony, spiritual teaching, and mentorship. Through her work, she activates your body’s own innate intelligence and potential to heal, transform, and spiritually transfigure by unraveling, shifting, and releasing the misaligned, or negative influences within your life. This is what the Elohim calls the “Art of the UNDOING” using encoded energy, frequency, resonance, and vibration as the catalyst for evolutionary and revolutionary transformation, healing, and change, so you can move forward in alignment with your true path and purpose.

Connect@ www.phyllisdouglass.com

Lee Carroll has a long career as keyboardist, studio musician, producer, and arranger. Studying jazz composition and arranging at Berklee College in Boston in the 70s, then touring with his jazz fusion group Fly By Night. In 1983 Lee moved to Nashville where he served as band leader for The Judds for two years before joining Kentucky’s own Exile to record on the Epic and Arista labels.  Lee left Nashville in 1994 to pursue other business. He played with blues bands around the Mid Atlantic, performed and recorded with Big Jack Johnson (Katrina) and Terry Harmonica Bean. In 2007 he co-founded the music and art collective Tin Can Buddha with Rodney Hatfield and Mitch Ivanoff. http://www.ket.org/cgi-bin/cheetah/watch_video.pl?nola=kmuse+000403

Lee returned to Lexington in 2010 and regularly performs with various local groups: C the Beat, Lee Carroll’s Soul Jazz, and Tin Can Buddha among others. He’s also serves as the house keyboardist at Duane Lundy’s Lexington Music Company. Lee co-produces large scale productions; “Beatles Tribute at Soulful Space”, and most recently “1971” at Lexington’s Downtown Arts Center, Moondance Amphitheater and across Kentucky and Tennessee.  Lee and Connie Milligan founded the non-profit GreenRoom Exchange to promote cross-cultural exchange between Kentucky musicians and those from Africa, the Caribbean and South America. Their latest project is an album recorded in Dakar, Senegal and Lexington KY featuring Senegalese singer Alioune Guisse to be released in Aug 2022.

Facebook: Lee Carroll https://www.facebook.com/robert.l.carroll.71

C The Beat  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100066714261520

Soul Jazz:  https://www.facebook.com/LeeCarrollSoulJazz/

“Marcus Wilkerson believes in the power of the root sound-every tone and frequency can be heard in nature. “After all music is but an audible landscape by which we use to communicate with the unseen, much like its literal form [landscapes].” This is how we tap into the spiritual realm. Marcus often writes his songs while walking in nature, sometimes even in dreams or during heightened emotion. He calls it channeling. Usually, it starts off as a murmur then a melody or the other way around. Suddenly a song emerges.  Marcus is a vocalist and plays acoustic guitar, West and Central African and Afro-Latin Percussion, banjo, and some of its incarnations. Sometimes his music can be classified as folk and or world, but he has a term called biorhythmic expression that touches on something that is far more visceral and personal. Sometimes you can hear him vocalizing in this rhythmic verbiage that is almost spoken word, yet jazz singing.  His writing style is inspired by poets, hip hop artists and short story authors.  All of that to say, it is safe to at least call Marcus’s brand of music a kind of Roots music.  Marcus hales Louisville, Kentucky, and lives with his family here in Lexington where he considers it his spiritual home.”

Fashion Show and Silent Auction

Featuring The Sacred African Attire from our Ancestral Ever-Present

Priest King Koleoso Nwachukwu Eri Karade

Divine Ancestral guidance on Sacred Indigenous Land

Cleansing, Purification, Sound Vibrational Healing & Restorative Rituals

Raven Run Nature Reserve Sanctuary

Sound Vibratory and Energetic Ascension and Manifestation Circles

New Priests, Initiates and Spiritual Aspirants Recognition and Honoring