The Institute of Whole Life Healing is a Spiritual Kingdom representative of “many paths one truth”; and Lexington Kentucky is the spiritual home for its many members and associates located in over 15 different states nationally.

Our Spiritual Kingdom believes that Mother Earth and the human race are in a serious state of ill health. We are operating out of alignment with the natural universal laws and principles that govern balance, order, harmony and union. These fundamental principles are used to activate the transmutational process for individual and planetary transformation and healing.

As Priest King and Queen of the Institute of Whole Life Healing, our Spiritual Kingdom’s primary purpose is to stand on a foundation of African and Native American spirituality in recognition of our shared ancestry and not to isolate, segregate or confine ourselves to any one particular ideology.

In addition, we are a matrilineal society seeking to follow the divine truths of our Enlightened Ancestors while cultivating our own unique gifts from our individual and collectively shared experiences. Realizing that it is all a continuum where the past has formed our present perception of reality, which will create our future.

The membership of our Spiritual Kingdom is multi-racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious representing the Royal Priesthood, holistic healers and truth seekers longing and searching to find that Spiritual Kingdom that reconnects them to their Original Greatness, Life’s Purpose and Divinity.

Our Spiritual Kingdom provides the Ase Whole Life Healing System, Initiations, individual healing sessions, professional trainings, lectures, retreats, sacred pilgrimages, symposiums and conscious raising theatrical and film showcases to support others on their spiritual journey.

We also host our Annual Great Mother Honoring and Celebration each September in Lexington Kentucky, which people attend from all around the country. This Holy event is an opportunity for our Spiritual Kingdom to all come together to honor The Great Mother; the Cosmic Primordial Womb that holds the divine genetic blueprint for the EVOLUTION of ALL of creation.

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