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I am blessed to have been introduced to Reiki Ase Natural Healing technique by Osunnike Robin Scott-Manna. She initiated me to Reiki Level I and this experience has assisted me toward greater levels of self-healing than I ever thought imaginable. New insights and abilities to understand who I am are present in my life. Even though I do not perform Reiki professionally, I have performed this healing technique with several of my friends. I hope to expand my use of this beautiful and powerful spiritual energy force in the future under Osunnike's gracious guidance by achieving Reiki Second Degree in the near future. I am truly grateful and honored to know and learn from such an incredible spiritual teacher.


Baba Koleoso give's you inspiration and strength for life. He's dynamic in his lectures, he has purpose and he's a strong family man. He first befriended me and my family during the National Student Leadership Conference @ Rust College and event held yearly by Dr. A. J. Stovall.  Since then, he's introduced me to the Sweat Lodge, I've received my Ilekes and he's lectures at many of our retreats.   Many people agree that he leaves you informed, inspired to do more than you've done before and committed to the community. "Ancesteral Voices" gives you insight into the man behind the voice, the instruction and the life of a true warrior.  He's been very instrumental in giving me peace and a voice of my own(the Sweat Lodge). 

I love you Baba,

-Akinrinola Greer


"Iya and Baba are TRULY my Godparents.  They have been so supportive, nonjudgmental and on point with their wise counsel.  I honestly do not have any other elders in my life that I can turn to when I really need sound, wise counsel. I am also a Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiate.  My life as been completely transformed as a result of this process. is sometimes difficult for me to actually put into words what I think about her because it is just that deep.  What comes to my mind as I write this is that she is truly a great example of womanhood.  Not just because she is so wonderful, but because she is also so real.  That is one of the reasons this process has been so powerful for me.  Also, Sacred Feminine Mysteries initiation has been powerful because of my new found connection with our Greatest Mother, The Goddess.  Again, I am at a loss for words when I think about how powerful this connection has become for me.  LIFE SAVING!!!!!  SFM has been life saving for me.  I know that each and everyday, I continue to rise to my highest and greatest good because I have acknowledged and acted on my connection to the Sacred Feminine Mysteries within me.

"My whole life reading has proven to be pivotal.  I constantly refer back to it as issues and experiences arise in my life.  I got my whole life reading in August, 2002.  This is April, 2006 and I think I revisit the reading, either on paper or in my head, at least 5-6 times per month.  The reading has been more than on point, it has been TRUTH.  And the parts that I did not fully understand when I spoke with Baba and Iya, now make complete sense.  I think that what has been most fulfilling for me when it comes to this reading is that it helped me accept parts of myself that I may have been trying to change to make others happy and it helped me to recognize aspects of myself that need improvement and healing.  For instance, in my reading, Baba emphasized how critical meditation is for my spiritual path.  I have struggled to meditate consistently.  Just recently, my mind was so scattered that I reminded myself that had I followed the counsel of Baba sooner, then I would not be so scattered.  I have since begun to meditate more consistently and of course, I am much more calm and unified. 

My advice:  GET A WHOLE LIFE READING!!!!  You will never be the same if you take heed to the reading." There is not one friend of mine who I have not told about Osunnike and Koleoso.  Treasures.....they are TRULY TREASURES!"

-Tyra Olufemi


I have been doing energy healing work for six years. The people that I use as my healers are Osun and Koleoso. They have a rare and unique talent of being able to hold a person while the wounds that cause disease and pain are healed. I come to Lexington every 3 months or so to do energy healing work and am often unavailable to clients who have emergencies. I refer clients to Oshun and/or Koleoso when a client needs help and I am unavailable. They have enriched my life and filled my soul with riches beyond measure.

-Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.


Everyone needs healing.  That's hard to admit for someone who is so used to being self-sufficient and self-supporting.  Somehow, it feels like a weakness.  In order to trust myself to talk about what really, really matters, the secrets I keep from even my closest friends, I have to profoundly trust.  Osunnike is one of the rare people of the world I knew instinctively, intuitively that I could trust and that trust has reaped many gifts and healing. The first two times I sought healing from Osun I was totally off center, agitated, feeling as if I was running in circles and couldn't find ground.  After the first session, I stayed in the house all weekend in joy, centeredness and bliss.  After the second, I felt truly "home" in myself once again, a feeling I'd only had before in fleeting moments.  This time, it lasted months. The third time I sought healing, circumstances had opened some of my deepest wounds and the only person I could trust to speak of them, to allow to touch them, was Osun.  That trust was warranted as we took a healing journey beneath shields which no longer served and only blocked love and innocence from flowing.  On the other side, was wonder and an exuberance and freshness that felt like Spring; like life beginning again. I'll go back for more healing.  Whenever life throws me off balance, I know there is comfort and reintegration as close as the phone and the warm healing hands and comforting voice and wisdom that flows through and from Osun.

-Dr. Paula Rains  


Thank You for your Wisdom and your help in my Healing. May all of your Desires be granted in God's eyes. More Peace and Blessing.


You Both Give Balance To This World


For over 10 years I have had the pleasure of  being loved and directed by Iya Osunnike unconditionally.  We have never met, yet from the moment I called her we were linked by Osun and the Ancestors. These past two years, my life needed an anchor in Ifa and when I reached out, Iya grabbed my hand, hoisted me up on her shoulders, and pushed me gently into the realm that had opened for me.  She says:  I am here for you.  I am watching you.  As your elder, it is my responsibility to support the work you do.  Little sister, I am here.

-M. Eliza Abbgunde Hamilton  


I realized I have been through alot with you all. I have used alot of your services and have and still am benefitting from them. The couples weekend was one of the best things ever for my family. If it have not been for the work that Ibrima Faal and I did with you all we may not have the strong foundation that we have today. Our family probably would not exisit. That intense healing session that we went through with you all is what allowed us to break through the sea of "boxes" that was keeping us disconnected. We had the blessing of our Divine Ancestors to proceed in marriage, so that was not the problem. What was needed for us to succeed was wisdom from an elder married spiritual based couple just like it was in our Afrikan cultural history. Because of the torn family base that we both were birthed from with not much (we did have some, but not much) spiritually based couples that we could turn to for marriage counseling we are blessed to have had Baba and Mama to direct us then and now.

Thank You

-Lisa Iyone


I first met Iya Osunnike on the cusp of the millennium. During my session, she asked me why are you wishing to die? My eyes popped open because deep within my spirit I knew it was true but I did not want to know consciously and I did not want anyone else knowing. In essence, she made me aware of this unhealthy desire and changed my life.

I believe that I am here and thriving today because of the seed of life she planted within me seven years ago.

My most recent encounter with her was equally as powerful. I came to her because I was in pain with a stomach ache that had lasted since I lost my last baby more than a year before. I told her that I felt something was in me and that I wanted to push it out. On the second day of my treatment we discovered that I had been carrying twins and that the spirit of one of them had remained in my womb. That is why I felt heavy and ached.His birth was long overdue. The reiki, sound and energetic treatments were so powerful that I have not felt that pain since I left Kentucky and the spirit of my baby was taken safely into the arms of Mother Mary and the spiritual midwives.

I respect Iya Osunnike as a healer, woman, and teacher. She plants seeds and allows you to grow without being a spiritual busybody. Iya Osunnike exudes love and kindness. Most of all, she possesses an abundant amount of spiritual maturity that is sometimes hard to find in those who have been blessed with a lot of spiritual power.

Baba Koleoso has also been a blessing to me. I utilize his presentation of my Whole Life Reading as a roadmap for everything I do in my life. In addition, he is insightful and transmits peace, love and balance. I take any advice he offers seriously and I appreciate him because in him I see what every Black man should strive to be.

-P. Dennis. Baltimore , MD


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