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The Sacred Feminine Mysteries
Initiation - Passage Into
The Great Mother

The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation Into The Great Mother is an initiatory pilgrimage traversing the labyrinth of Self, followed by a nine- day initiatory rite of passage and a ninety - day apprenticeship. This inner spiritual journey is uniquely designed to rekindle and excavate the dormant memories of the Serpent Wisdom entrusted to the Ancient Mothers of Mu (Lemuria) from the belly of your soul. The Ancient Mothers of Mu, my spiritual teachers and guides are the keepers of the Serpent Wisdom. They are the spiritual midwives entrusted with the responsibility of assisting All of humanity in our spiritual rebirth from the cosmic womb of The Great Mother, and they are the spiritual guardians for humanity who also represent and uphold the integrity of our Earth Mother.

Many ancient mythological legends refer to the lost sunken continent of Mu (Lemuria), as a highly spiritual motherland, which physically existed approximately 104,000 years ago and greatly influenced the dualistic nature that governs our universal cycles of time. During the civilization of Mu, the Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiations took a lifetime to complete. However, this process begins again for you in this lifetime with your conscious desire to remember your divine covenant with The Great Mother and your relationship with The Ancient Mothers of Mu, who still exist today within the spiritual realm, to guide you in reactivating the Serpent Wisdom within you. The Serpent Wisdom is deeply embedded inside the cellular memory nestled within the cavern of your womb and contains the circle of life blueprint which reveals the mysteries of birth, life, death and rebirth. This timeless cellular umbilical cord is not only the divine link between you and your birth and ancestral mothers, but to The Great Mother and to the remembrance of your spiritual lineage, legacy, divine purpose and Ase, Feminine Power.

In the West African Yoruba spiritual tradition of Ifa, one of the meanings for the word Ase, is Life Force Energy - Power. However, the fuel that ignites the Ase, is the mystical “kundalini, coiled serpent” that lays dormant at the base of our spines. This powerfully potent, yet un-manifested reservoir of feminine energy when skillfully aroused and awakened will propel primal sexual expression into Divine spiritual ecstasy. In Ifa, the Orisa (deity) known as Osun, who is experienced as the primal erotic feminine magnetic force of attraction in nature, is the essential ingredient in the triangular equation of creation and procreation. In her mythical role as representative of the Iyaami/Ancient Mothers, [primordial feminine power], Osun, also symbolizes the Creatress and, the mystical vessel of Creation. This feminine power not only reproduces her-self but the male form as well. That’s the Ase of feminine power!

Your spiritual journey, this lifetime, has been designed to activate your feminine power and innate knowledge of who you truly are. Perhaps you’ve sensed the whispered echoes of an ancient voice calling to you. Or possibly you’ve had flashbacks of past life memories involving ritualistic initiations as a high priestess accomplished in the art of sacred sexual union and alchemy. Maybe you’ve experienced present lifetime out of body sensations and situations where your natural innate knowing from your lifetimes in the ancient temples as a midwife, herbalist, shaman, energy healer, dream interpreter, seeress and oracle reader continues to surface. Better yet, what about those numerous “other worldly” spiritual readings you’ve had that reveal your natural and perhaps still dormant abilities in the visual and performing arts doing sacred dance, writing, drawing, sculpting, and painting. Finally, there are those vaguely familiar daunting images of being a warrior priestess. Or just a subtle knowing that you once ruled as a queen in leadership of an empire, or simply that there is something ancient longing to come forth from inside the darkened calabash that contains your soul.

  • The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation exists as your souls answer to the call from the Ancient Mothers of Mu and to trigger your dormant memories of who you truly are sketched within the cellular blueprint of your womb.
  • The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation is a medium for the restorative seal of the divine covenant between you and The Great Mother.
  • The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation is designed to ignite the divine spark of higher consciousness within you and pierce, illuminate, and transmute your darkened states of illusion into enlightenment and transcendence.
  • The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation presents you with the sacred keys to unlock the gateway to your Ase, and ritualistically propels you into a rhythmically spiraling sacred dance with the magnetically powerful feminine force of contraction and the electrifying masculine force of expansion.
  • The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation finally culminates with your spiritual midwives, the Ancient Mothers of Mu, weaving the fragmented threads of your spirit into a rich tapestry of your soul’s remembrance and honoring of The Great Mother and the Serpent Wisdom.

Welcome home to The Sacred Feminine Mysteries - the Serpent Wisdom and the Ase of feminine power!

In the Spirit,
Iya Osunnike Anke
Ancient Mother of Mu & Keeper of The Serpent Wisdom
(May It Be So)

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