Third Degree Reiki Ase Initiation: The Masters Journey

Third Degree Reiki Ase initiates receive the master level symbols, which further integrates the mind, body and spiritual connection to the higher dimensions. The master level initiation is an experiential journey of recreating a new personal reality, defining and living your personal truth and mastering your own physical, emotional and mental universe in preparation for self-realization in this lifetime. And for those initiates who want to become teachers there is the Reiki Ase Whole Life Healing teacher practicum and so much more.


Third Degree Reiki Ase Initiation: Masters Journey

The Reiki Ase Masters Journey is a path toward Self-Mastery. It is a divine blueprint that guides your steps deep into the abyss of your inner wilderness where you are able to rediscover and reclaim your ancient wisdom and intuitive knowing. It is a journey that prepares you for resurrecting your godhead in this lifetime bringing you into alignment with Absolute Truth.

The Reiki Ase Master Teacher practicum provides you with the sacred keys to pass this ancient wisdom forward to benefit humanity.

In short, are you ready and willing to ascend?

Your four day journey will include:

  • Master attunements
  • Training, teacher practicum and manual
  • Vision questing
  • Spiritual cleansing baths
  • Healing massage
  • Yoga, meditation and chanting
  • Sweat lodge ceremonies
  • Accommodations and vegetarian meals

These shamanic rituals are designed to penetrate your seven human layers of consciousness and bring you into alignment with the Master within.

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