Oracle Divinations: BIRTHDAY Reading




Oracle Divinations: BIRTHDAY Reading

w/ Iya Osunnike & Baba Koleoso

In person, Skype or by phone (90 minutes)


It is our desire to assist you with your journey towards Self-Realization; and we find that periodic divinations are extremely beneficial in that regard. We recommend receiving a Whole Life Oracle Divination, Spiritual Intuitive reading, General Reading, Relationship Reading and a Birthday Reading which can assist you in having a greater understanding of:

  • Your life’s purpose and direction
  • The energy governing your birthday year
  • A clearer and deeper understanding of your current relationship and/or entering into a new one
  • A personal or collaborative business venture
  • The effect of the Equinox and Solstice energies surrounding you
  • Any events that require major life enhancing or changing decisions

Such divinations will assist in empowering you to become more in tune with your life cycles, and provide you with the proper direction, spiritual prescriptions (cleansings, offerings etc.), meditations and rituals that will bring you into harmony with the universal energies that are guiding and supporting your life during these major times.



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