First Degree Reiki Ase Initiation

First Degree Reiki Ase attunements and instruction focus on consciously raising and aligning the individual’s vibrational frequency to the vibrational rhythm of the universe, resulting in a consistent flowing channel of healing energy. This spiraling energy force can be experienced as a powerful self-cleansing, purifying, transforming and healing tool. Further instruction is given on the path of life forces energy, understanding the body’s seven major energy centers, spiritual, psycho, social developmental stages and so much more.


First Degree Reiki Ase Initiation

The human body is a finely tuned organism of subtle energy that flows in and around our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional body. This natural life force energy flows freely and when unobstructed sustains our life and promotes health. Continued stress in the form of negative thought patterns, unresolved trauma, fear, worry, and unresolved anger blocks the flow of energy and impedes the body’s natural ability to heal itself, thus creating disease within the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual bodies.

 The Reiki Ase Whole Life Healing System is a composite of Indigenous healing practices customized to first trace the psycho, social, cultural, and spiritual energetic patterns and influences that have contributed and created blockages within the cellular structure of the body. This uniquely designed healing system then provides sacred keys to assist in restoring individual, group and planetary wellbeing and balance.

 Reiki Ase 1st degree initiation reopens your spiritual gateways, raises your vibrational frequency and realigns you to the rhythmic pulse of the universe, resulting in a consistent flowing channel of healing energy. This universal life force energy is your birthright and can be experienced as a powerful process of self-cleansing, purifying and, a transformative means of healing self and then others. Introduction into the Whole Life Healing System will include:

  • The mind, body and spirit energy matrix
  • The bodies seven major energy centers
  • Healthier cultivation of the human stages of development
  • Identifying archetypal patterns of behavior
  • The power of sound, breath and movement
  • And so much more….

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