Institute of Whole Life Healing
Global Social Action (Seva) Projects

“Many Paths One Truth”

The Institute of Whole Life Healing  is a non-profit organization whose mission is to creatively assist individuals and groups in reconnecting to their original greatness, life’s purpose and Divinity.

This is the time when humanity can truly reconnect with our original greatness.  Mother Earth and our collective spiritual global evolution are accelerating as we are being ushered into the next octave of our Divinity.  And yet so many souls around the planet are suffering from hunger, homelessness, disease, sexual violence and civil unrest, which keep them in a perpetual state of spiritual amnesia disconnected from their original greatness, life’s purpose and Divinity.  Ancient cultures that once worshipped Mother Earth and the sacred feminine principles of union and oneness and the female who is the embodiment of our cosmic mother have now become perpetrators who rape and abuse the divine womb of Mother Earth and her daughters.

We are at a time in our cosmic evolution where so much of the continued healing and upliftment of humanity and

the destiny of Mother Earth rest on the healing of the Feminine and Masculine energetic split within ourselves. We know that conscious healthy women are not only responsible for giving birth to all of humanity but to civilization as well, because our women are the initial and primary guardians for human creation, growth and development.  All human life begins with the female who is the vessel that contains shapes and nurtures our evolution. Our men are the builders, visionaries and natural leaders who plant the seeds of evolutionary brilliance, spiritual intelligence, and cultural efficacy which ensure that our women keep our sky from falling.

The Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine together in unified harmony shoulder the responsibility of reshaping our shared world-views, societal values of humility, unconditional love, compassion and service that our ancient African, Native American and Indigenous enlightened ancestors from all of the sacred spiritual wisdom traditions around the globe are beckoning us to return to.  For they see all too well that it is the descendents of these mighty nations who are suffering today and who are in need of our love and compassion.

As the original custodians of Mother Earth, “Selfless Service” on behalf of humanity is the template for the manifestation of our original greatness, life’s purpose and Divinity. Our souls know that we are not just our sister or brother’s keeper; we know that I AM my sister and brother. I am because we are and we are because I AM.

There is no greater time on the planet then now that the mission of the Institute of Whole Life Healing   urgently needs to be manifested by evolving our spiritual principles, values and practices into our everyday work in the world on behalf of humanity.  Evolution requires revolution/change – so we must become the change that we seek to manifest in the world today.

“Spirituality is the seed and social action is the fruit born of it”. Vimala Thakar

We ask you to join the Institute of Whole Life Healing in the spiritual practice of SEVA Selfless Service – a spiritual practice which combines Karma Yoga (the yoga of action) and Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of worship inspired by divine love and compassion) as a blend of enlightened consciousness and social responsibility.

Global Organizations the Institute asks you to join us in supporting: