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Osunnike is a Natural Healer, Spiritual Midwife, Seeress, founder and president of the Institute of Whole Life Healing. She is initiated into the ancient healing traditions as a Yoruba priestess of Osun and a Reiki Master and Teacher. Osunnike has additional training and talent in psycho-spiritual therapy, the creative and performing arts, inspirational and motivational seminars and lectures. She creates spiritually designed healing retreats for women and is the creator and spiritual guide for The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation - Passage Into The Great Mother.

Osunnike travels around the universe touching many hearts from all walks of life. She is known as "the healer's healer." She encircles people in her magically woven tapestry of healing, love, grace and spiritual truth - a mosaic garnered from the remnants of her early Pentecostal roots, life study of Buddhist, Islamic, and Sufi mysticism, and the full embrace of her Native American healing traditions and African spirituality. Osunnike's divine inheritance and creative expression of sacred spiritual truths are a culmination and unique blend of whole life healing principles designed to honor our differences while transcending us into the Oneness of All Creation. Her spiritual work is truly a radiant reflection of her diverse life journey.

Osunnike Anke is interviewed by Dr. Kamau Kokayi a medical and homeopathic doctor about wholistic healing, how Oracle Divinations can assist in our healing and the Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation for women on his Global Medicine Review radio program.

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