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Koleoso, which means "build the house of the seer," is well known and respected for his willingness to follow his spirit's direction and his soul's timeless wisdom. In his own words, he "seeks to pierce the illusion of matter and become conscious of his divinity." After two near death experiences (communing with the "Light" both times) and many years as an active minister in the Nation of Islam and an Imam of traditional Islam, he answered the call to shamanism. Koleoso is also the CEO of the Institute of Whole Life Healing. He has been initiated by a Hindu yogi, is a pipe carrier and "sun dancer" in the Lakota tradition, and is also a Reiki Master. He facilitates sacred sweat lodge ceremonies around the country.

He is initiated in the West African Yoruba tradition as a priest of Shango and priest of Ifa (Babalawo). He has authored several books, is the creator and spiritual guide for the Seven Doors to Manhood Initiation and Rites of Passage, conducts lectures, workshops for men and offers private divinations and oracle readings.

Nashid "Koleoso" Fakhrid-Deen is interviewed by Sister Ayanna Atthining about his spiritual journey which includes his Near Death Experiences, the transformative power of the Sweat Lodge, spiritual healing and how and why we can benefit from Oracle Divinations on her The Healers radio program.

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