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Feminine Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness

….Sacred Reunion….

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In the beginning within the silent blissful macrocosmic ocean of One-ness , there began a subtle pulsating Awareness to make manifest that which is unseen from within the Un-manifested Source . Boom!!! And then, likened to a luminous spark, the divine quintessence of the Un-manifested Source is fused with the pulsating ray of Awareness in a dance of cosmic sexual union . Now, encapsulated this essence begins rhythmically spinning, drawing in its essential cosmic consciousness, (the ethereal stuff we're made of) which is then majestically impregnated within the sacred cosmic incubator – the “primordial womb”.

From this dark cosmic primordial womb – which holds the divine genetic blueprint for creation – ALL life is imbued with this cosmic knowing. This cosmic sacred sexual dance is the energy that creates and births universes, galaxies, solar systems, the moon, sun and our planets. This erotic pulse within nature is how our own planet, mother Earth, gives birth to and sustains our mineral, vegetable, animal, insect and hu-man species, which are all created from the same single celled blueprint within the cosmic womb that holds the remembrance of our holi-ness/whole-ness.

Yet, humanity, has forgotten who we are and the primordial womb that we have originated from. As a result we have become fragmented disconnected, lost, angry orphans; victims of a collective amnesia who now violate, pollute, desecrate and violently rape the holy womb of our Earth Mother and her daughters who gave us LIFE.

The desecration of women's wombs around the planet and particularly in Africa, India and Asia – the heart and belly of the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine – is categorically a reflection of the desecration of our Earth mother's womb. Women today must collectively take responsibility for the healing, reconsecration and, liberation of our Womb and the womb of our Earth Mother.

This is tantamount because sacred sexual liberation and wholeness is our birthright, and is cultivated and nurtured through the honoring and worshiping of your yoni (womb) as the sacred vessel of All human creation. The re-honoring of your sacred sexual essence and womb wisdom will bring you back into alignment with your natural feminine radiance and cosmic KNOWING.

Text Box: ‘We are often disappointed after lovemaking. Why?   Because most of us are like owners of a precious Stradivarius violin that we have never learned to play.'    Many women living in these modern times are out of alignment with their natural feminine rhythm and inner knowing because they are engaged in superficial long distance relationships with the most intimate, powerful and sacred aspect of themselves, their yoni . For many of us our mates or sexual partners and gynecologist know more about the taste, smell, sight, feel, health and power of our inner sanctuary, the yoni , then we do.

A lot of this sexual misalignment and disconnect from our sacred center can be traced back to childhood sexual abuse and trauma caused by a parent, older sibling or an adult. In addition we have many women around the world who have and may still be enduring everything from date rape, sexual slavery, to being sexually brutalized by armed troops as weapons of war . This sexual trauma can set the stage for and inflict all kinds of sexual womb and pelvic dis-ease as well as lead to the suppression of healthy sexual feelings or over stimulation that can result in psycho-spiritual dysfunction and sexually addictive behaviors.

yoniAlso, because of societal and religious sexual conditionings, family taboos, shame and/or just plain ole ignorance many women have become alienated from the sacred sensual delightfulness of their yoni and its “total” orgasmic power. As a result we may find ourselves on the perpetual see saw of either giving our mates or sexual partners total dominion over our sexual on and off switch or on the other hand, using our sexual power over our mate or sexual partner as a means of unhealthy gratification, physical, emotional or financial control.

Any one or all of these motivations can stem from unresolved or very old sexual traumas and psychosocial conditionings, and are not only a dishonoring of your yoni, but, a desecration of the very essence of your sacred feminine power. Furthermore it can keep you totally disconnected from experiencing any kind of true intimacy and the deeper wisdom dormant within your womb that hold the keys to spiritual liberation and ultimately Sacred Reunion – your journey into wholeness.


Our Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness practice assist you in journeying deep into the calabash of your womb where you will remember, reawaken, re-consecrate, reclaim, re-embody and reunite your sacred sexual womb wisdom and unveiled innocence through the process of:

  • Tantric and Kundalini practices
  • Nourishing our mind, body and spirits
  • Womb purification and reconsecration ceremonies
  • Ancestral mother's womb healing
  • Osun's Sacred Sexual Feminine Mysteries – Journey into Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness Weekend Igniters and various
  • Breath, sound and movement rituals

Our yoni cleansing, purification and reconsecration rituals and ceremonies are designed to assist you in clearing the sexual wounding and armoring that exist within your sacred yoni on a cellular level. These rituals, ceremonies and healing practices will assist you in energetically clearing and cleansing your yoni from:

  • Sexual trauma / abuse/incest
  • Ancestral sexual trauma 
  • Prenatal and birth trauma
  • Rape
  • Vaginal mutilations and dis-ease
  • Surgical womb procedures
  • Abortions
  • Miscarriages
  • Painful menstruation and childbirths
  • Unfulfilled sexual relationships
  • Incomplete orgasms
  • Biological imbalances
  • Emotional blockages and armoring
  • Painful penetration
  • Frigidity
  • Other lifetime trauma

Ultimately it is your mind, body and spirits journey home to Self – your souls tapestry woven into Sacred Reunion with the Source of All Creation.

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