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ASE Initiation: Journey Into Priesthood

Ase Initiation: Journey Toward Priesthood is a year long preparatory pilgrimage designed to provide the serious priest initiate with the fundamental and esoteric pathways toward priestess/priesthood.

Rooted in African Native American and Indigenous earth based spiritual traditions, Ase Initiation is a vehicle for the priest initiate who has heard the ancient whispered echoes reverberating within your soul and is willing to surrender to the sacred call that may have been beckoning you for what seems like many lifetimes. The process of Ase Initiation affords you with the unique experience of unlocking your dormant Ase. One of the meanings for the word Ase in the West African Yoruba spiritual tradition of Ifa, is Life Force Energy, the unifying power that connects All Life to the Oneness of Creation.

The oracle will be consulted to determine if the prospective Initiate is a prime candidate. If accepted the Initiate will undergo a year long journey into preisthood, which will culminate in a seven day final ceremony. For further information please call the institute.

In the Spirit
Iya Osunnike Anke & Baba Koleoso Karade

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