Planet Earth and the human race are in a serious state of ill health. Artificial and temporary methods of self-gratification have not successfully addressed western society’s increasing stress, depression and anxiety. Our society is functioning out of alignment with the natural universal laws and principles that govern balance, order, harmony, and union.

Many of those seeking change find themselves bombarded with “spin the dial, new age, garden variety” spirituality often devoid of true spiritual sustenance. This has left many people with a feeling of spiritual disconnection. They are stumbling frantically through life feeling like victims of a collective spiritual amnesia. Humanity is in nee
d of a pathway that is deeper, richer, more fulfilling and longer lasting.

The Institute of Whole Life Healing is a non-profit organization with this mission: To creatively assist individuals in reconnecting to their original greatness, life’s purpose and Divinity. Our mission is manifested through a wholistically designed Mind/Body Soul/Spirit (MBS) blueprint. The MBS blueprint is based on three key universal principals:

  • Know thyself
  • Cleanse and purify
  • Live in alignment with absolute truth.

These fundamental principles are used to activate the trans mutational process for individual and planetary transformation and healing. They are the foundation for the Institute’s Ase Whole Life Healing System, Initiations, individual healing sessions, professional training, lectures, retreats, sacred pilgrimages, symposiums and consciousness raising theatrical and film showcases.

The Institute defines the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul as follows:

MIND: An invisible intelligence within the ethereal body that is a conduit for the transmission of all thoughts and perceptions.

BODY: The dense physical human vessel that is composed of muscles, bones, organs, cells and a central endocrine, circulatory and nervous systems; also surrounding the physical body is the unseen body, the aura, a subtle multi-layered energy system that interconnects the mind and spirit.

SPIRIT: The innate translucent spark of divine energy that connects us to our Higher Selves, which are directly connected to the Oneness in All Creation.

SOUL: The Divine infinite essence of consciousness that incarnates through the breath into the human vessel for the Divine purpose of expression and experience and returns to Its omniversal state of consciousness when the physical body expires (death).