Institute of Whole Life Healing
“many paths one truth” 

September 19, 2020
10:00 am – 5:00 pm Est


We give HONOR to Our Queen Mothers


The Institute of Whole Life Healing recognizes that this is a very challenging time across the PLANET and what is happening now is devastating for so many.

We also know that this is an amazing opportune time to RISE like the PHOENIX and EVOLVE into the highest aspects of who we are as Spiritual Beings having a Human Being experience 2020 and Beyond.

This is the time we’ve been waiting for and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Many of us are sensing this organic impulse to UNIFY as a call to transcend our fragmented gender, sexual, racial, theological, and philosophical differences that keep us from uniting as ONE UNIFIED body – within ourselves and in relationship with each other.

What we are feeling, sensing, and experiencing currently on EARTH is the Universal Impulse CALLING us to rejoin our hearts and minds in HONOR of our differences.

We are being CALLED to EMBRACE the opportunity to WEAVE a NEW WORLD from within our Inner Connected threads as we Re-member our Divine Self.

Are you feeling the IMPULSE?????

 …We Invite YOU to Join US…

From around the globe and across diverse sectors of society to build a powerful energy field using Ancient New Technology for positive, collective change and UNITY

To delve into an innovative group exploration to co-create new frameworks for a UNIFIED VISION for BRIDGING our DIFFERENCES to Heal and Transform our Shared WORLD 2020 and Beyond

Now is the TIME

..We Will Explore…..

The CALL to Global Evolutionary Ascension into the COLLECTIVE spiritual rebirthing of humanities Higher Consciousness with amazing Speakers.

 …. Weekend Presentation Highlights….

Experiential opportunities through conscious dialogue, sacred sound healing and creative transformative ancestral healing ritual…

  …. Healing Through the Arts: Soul Stirring Heart Filled Musical Performances….



…. Poetry in Motion….

 Creative Art….


Join US In…
“Sound is the Medicine of the future” ~ Edgar Cayce

Interdenominational Unifying Prayers designed to begin a collective ENVISIONING process of a Unified World of peace and harmony….

Collectively ENVISIONING an EVOLUTIONARY Spiritual Worldview that embodies the core spiritual principles garnered from our Ancient Wisdom Teachings, which are based on shared unifying threads of truth woven throughout our wisdom traditions and can provide a blending of Eastern and Western best practices…

Collectively ENVISIONING and EVOLVING an authentic expression of value based relationships between women and men representing the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine Wholeness/Holiness that rest upon a foundation of mutual respect, admiration, honor, integrity and the knowledge that the blueprint of and for a Perfect Sacred Union is embedded and lives within each of us…

Collectively ENVISIONING an indigenous model of reverence and communication with our Enlightened Ascended Ancestors and the healing and liberation for our Ancestors whose life-force energy, as a result of “traumatic annihilation”, remains trapped in the lower planetary realms.

Together WE can REIGNITE OUR Individual Visions Collectively

We Cannot Do This Without YOU

Join US

Saturday – September 19, 2020 – 10 am to 5 pm (EST)








Queen Mother Osunnike and Baba Omitosin

Morning Presentation:
“Neither Here, Nor There: Honoring API Voices”/Priestess Amber Yetunde Wang

Morning Presentation:
“One Love, One Flesh, One Breath, One Universe”/Priest Quinton Ogunwande Murdock 

 Healing through the arts: creative artistic poetry expressions, drama, and music

Afternoon Presentation:
“Sounding The Path of Least Resistance”/Rod Echols 

Afternoon Presentation:
“Ancestral Shadow Invocation”/Yeye Gogo Nana 

Queen Mothers and Elder Wisdom Keepers Speak 

Queen Mother Osunnike and Baba Omitosin


HRM Queen Mother Osunnike is a natural healer, spiritual midwife, seeress, Iyanifa and priestess of Osun, goddess of love, beauty, sensuality, and fertility, and a Reiki Master teacher. HRM Queen Mother Osunnike is also the founder of One Million Wombs United (OMWU) and the chief priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation – Passage into the Great Mother (SFM


Queen Mother Dr. Muhjah Shakir is a retired professor of Occupational Therapy at Tuskegee University and the founding president and CEO of Nature’s Garden for Victory and Peace, Inc., (NGVP), a non-profit 25 acre Community Land Trust forest like environment in Tuskegee, Alabama USA. The manifestation of the property was the result of a vision and was spirit led. The development of NGVP represents the culmination of many years of study, social justice activism, and a lifelong pursuit of spiritual growth.


Queen Mother Charlene “Maat Sut Cha” Willis is a Priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries, Priestess of Oya, an Awo and a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Healer, Reiki Ase Master Teacher, certified Khemetic yoga instructor, certified Zumba instructor and certified Laughter Yoga Leader. Queen Mother Maat believes whole heartedly in the natural healing intelligence of our body temples and that when we honor them they become vehicles for healing and transformation.


Queen Mother Priestess Dr. LaVerne “Nzinga” Gyant is a Priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries, Awo, Priestess of Yemoja, a Reiki Ase practitioner and intuitive healer for those “ancestral spirits needing to cross over to freedom”. Queen Mother Nzinga is the former director of the Center for Black Studies at Northern Illinois University and currently teaches classes in both adult/higher education and Black Studies.



Queen Mother Amshatar “Ololodi” Monroe has been a professional “gatherer” of people from divergent paths for more than 30 years. As an initiated Yoruba Priestess of Osun, she walks a braided spiritual path and has an affinity for traditional earth-based spirituality. Accepting that there is but One God and that there is nowhere that She/He is not, Queen Mother Ololodi honors and respects ALL people, cultures, spiritual paths and ALL who are on their Spiritual journey regardless of the “apparent” expression or condition of their walk.


Queen Mother Mariyamah “Olomidara” Sanna is a naturally gifted healer and Priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries. Queen Mother Olomidara is also an initiated Priestess of Yemoja, who in the West African tradition of Ifa, is the Orisha/Goddess known to be the Matriarchal Head of the Cosmic Universe. She is also a Reiki Ase Master Teacher and certified Healing Touch practitioner who knows that perfect health and natural healing are our birthright.

HRM Queen Mother Osunnike Ifeyinwa Anke Eri is the paramount Queen Mother, co-founder and president of the Institute of Whole Life Healing, an organization designed to assist individuals and groups in rebirthing their divinity. Queen Mother Osunnike is a natural healer, spiritual midwife, seeress, Iyanifa and priestess of Osun, goddess of love, beauty, sensuality, fertility, and a Reiki Master teacher.

Queen Mother Osunnike is also the founder of One Million Wombs United (OMWU) and the chief priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries Initiation – Passage into the Great Mother (SFM). The mission of OMWU is intended to ignite the luminous light within the wombs of women across the world. The SFM initiation is uniquely designed to spiritually midwife “chosen” women in answering that unrelenting “Inner Spiritual Calling” to rebirth their Sacred Feminine covenant with the Great Mother as priestesses in service to humanity. Queen Mother Osunnike’s additional training and talent is in psycho-spiritual therapy, drama therapy and the creative and performing arts; all of which she creatively weaves into her Sacred Sexual Healing, Liberation and Wholeness retreats for women. This sacred work is designed to assist women in healing sexual wounding derived from trauma and armoring so they can begin remembering, reawakening and reclaiming their sacred sexual womb wisdom and power.

Queen Mother Osunnike traverses the universe from Peru to Africa, healing hearts and wombs from all walks of life. She is affectionately known to so many as the “healer’s healer”. She encircles people in her magically woven tapestry of healing, love, grace and spiritual truth. Her spiritual work is truly a radiant reflection of her diverse life’s journey.

Awo Falegunwa Omitosin Osunwole Anke Karade holds many titles including Senior Priest within the Institute of Whole Life Healing. He an Ifa Priest, student of the universe, Mystic, ordained Metaphysical minister, and ordained Priest of Oshun in the Ifa tradition, Fire Keeper in the Native American tradition, Reiki Master and spiritual healer. Awo OmiTosin holds a Master’s Degree in Management Business Administration from Strayer University and is currently pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Holistic Life Coaching through the University of Sedona /Metaphysical University.

However, Awo Omi Tosin says that what keeps him devoted to spirituality and metaphysics is knowing that “I am a student of the universe constantly learning something new every day. I don’t see one religion being more important than the other, I can learn from all religions”. He further states “that we can go to any church, temple, shrine, or mosque to learn as long as it’s for our greatest and highest good. I consider myself to be a spiritualist, one who sees the beauty and unity in all things, people, and religions”. His research has lead him to see the beauty in all religions; many paths one truth. He is also a Certified Fitness Trainer and sports nutritionist, and the owner and operator of Spiritual Fitness, a company designed to help people change their life styles to a more healthy and spiritual way of living through spiritual practices, spiritual counseling, fitness training, and proper nutrition.

Awo OmiTosin

Niambi Jaha-Echols is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, Cultural Agility Strategist, Cultural Intelligence Specialist, and Spiritual Alchemist and has spent the past 30 years working as a Transformation Advocate.  She is the Principal and Lead Consultant for Cross-Cultural Agility, LLC where she trains, coaches and consults individuals and corporations on issues supporting cultural intelligence and new pathways to inclusion.

Niambi's passion is helping others to transform their mindsets and personal stuck points so that they can deepen their connections to all of humanity.

She is the Founder of The Butterfly Movement, where she utilizes the symbolism of the caterpillar/butterfly metamorphosis to foster emotional and spiritual transformation in women and girls.  She is also the Founder and Lead Facilitator for Project Butterfly where she continues to empower women who in turn empower girls.  She also led the residential summer camp experience, Camp Butterfly from 2003 - 2015.

Niambi is a co-contributor to the book “African Americans and Community Engagement in Higher Education” published by SUNY Press and is also the author of “Project Butterfly”,  “Inspiring the Souls of Our Girls”, and "What Color Is Your Soul: Healing the Illusion of Our Separateness."

She has been featured in Essence and Ebony Magazines, and Oprah's Angel Network for her work with teen girls. Niambi has also been recognized by the State of Illinois and Essence Magazine as a woman who is "shaping the world."

She served for six years on the American Camp Association's National Board of Directors and has also served on their National Board Development Committee, National Conference Program Planning Committee and their National Board's Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Committee.

She is a faculty member of Expert Online Training, is a member of the National Diversity Council and has served as a Professional Advisor to graduate students at DePaul University's School for New Learning.  She is also a Program Faculty member of Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC.

What excites her is when she can provide tools to help others gain a foothold in their struggles to understand the ways that racism, unconscious bias, privilege, and prejudice operate in our minds - notably when she can support authentic relationships constructed out of the raw ingredients of cross-cultural differences.

Niambi, her husband and teenaged son live in North Carolina.


Priestess Amber “Yetunde” Wang became a priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries in 2018. Her family comes from China, Taiwan, and Mongolia. From a young age, her heart and spirit always had a penchant towards all things beyond what the eye could see, and held a deep-longing to connect to the “soul” of things; from the plants outside her doorstep to the insects she found in mud banks of rivers. From a young age, she explored comparative mythology with fervor; sensing and running her fingers along the threads that connect us all. And, she has always read anything and everything under the sun and moon, for stories expand one's humanity.

Priestess Amber’s gifts flow from her presence, connection, creation, wisdom, and majesty. Thus, she often finds herself in leadership roles. Priestess Amber finds and creates family, wherever she is in the world. In 2005, Priestess Amber co-founded Ashraya Initiative for Children, a non-profit with residential, educational, medical, and outreach programs for street children in India. And while she holds a PhD in Special Education from Vanderbilt University, she sees herself as a life-long student. She seeks growth and welcomes feedback, and pushes herself to seek diverse voices. She pours her heart into matters, and is always willing to problem-solve. She observes. She processes. She takes things in. A true introvert, Priestess Amber loves and appreciates one-on-one conversations with people. If you'd like to chat (or just sit still), she welcomes your invite with a smile, and a raised cup of tea in hand.

Priestess Amber Wang

Priest Quinton OgunWande Murdock is a Clairaudient Mystic, a Warrior for our youth and a Lover of Humanity as a whole. Priest Ogunwande is Ordained as a Priest of Ogun in the Ifa’ Tradition, although he truly embraces the Institutes Philosophy of “Many paths One Truth”. Priest Quinton Ogunwande’ is a writer, poet, amateur film maker, and digital music producer. He is also a Freedom Writer Teacher with the Freedom Writers Foundation in Long Beach California. Priest OgunWande’ holds a BA, MSW, CSW in Social Work from The University of Kentucky. And as a Priest of Ogun, Quinton OgunWande’ is passionate about working with our young men and women around violence prevention and restoring social equality. He is also a former football player for the University of Kentucky. Putting all of this together along with over 22 years’ experience working with at-risk youth, gang involved youth, and adjudicated youth; Priest Quinton Ogunwande is known as a champion for Lexington Youth. He co-facilitates a youth Therapeutic/Social Emotional Learning Program called M.A.D.E. (Motivated All Day Everyday)

In addition, one of Priest Quinton OgunWande’s loves and healing modalities is sound vibration; using Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls, voice and Gongs. “….Vibrational music vibrates on all levels because it harmonizes the body, improves mental function, spacial perception memory, calms the nervous system, and expands the consciousness to embrace the divine within- Rashu Aten - Gong Master”

Priest Quinton OgunWande Murdock


I am Minister Yeye Gogo Nana. I have many spiritual names because of the many spiritual journeys I have been officially ordained and trained in.  I choose to utilize these titles of ordination as a way of honoring my spiritual court of each path.  These are all spiritual titles of ordination that have other names associated with them.  It is also an easier method of introducing myself and much easier for people to recall. Before I go further, I must acknowledge and give my gratitude for being a five-year Endometrial Cancer Survivor.  I am grateful to be given the opportunity to continue my life's journey and help others in fulfilling their spiritual calling & life 's journey.

I was born in Hartsville, SC and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.  I am the first Black Person, of the Original People of America, noted to be initiated into three very distinct African Traditional Healing Systems (ATHS). I was called by my ancestral spirits of each tradition to become a healer within these three paths. Prior to my calling, I had no knowledge of any of these Ancient African Traditional Healing Systems.

My family, like most Black folk in America, were raised as Christians. My spiritual roots began in, what was then called, The Holiness Church. The first church I ever attended was filled with, mostly, my family members.  The deacon was my granddaddy. The pastor was his cousin. The choir director was my auntie. The piano and organ players were my mom and other auntie. The choir was full of cousins.  I later realized that attending our church service was like attending a traditional African healing ceremony.  This was my first introduction to the healing power of spirit. I was never an advent church goer, but I tried to commit to it.  After three baptisms, in still stagnant water, besides, under or behind the pulpit, ("pool pit,") it became clear I had reached the glass ceiling within the church and felt spiritually trapped.  I began to experience depression from attending church services.  At this point, even the choir singing didn't lift my spirit.  I began to go within myself and ask for guidance. The second spiritual breakthrough came from starting daily meditations and chanting in the Sanskrit language using chants found in the Ancient Vedic practice of Agnihotra.

My awareness of a spiritual calling began over 30 years ago. In 1984, I was then guided to move to Atlanta, Ga where I became a member of the Ausar Auset Society. I experienced being mounted by my ancestor for the first time at my first ceremony. It was a feeling I never felt before and unable to put in words.  I was being moved by one of my ancestors who knew things that I did not know.  I was seeing in a different way, through my eyes but the blinders where lifted everything in the room looked different.  This is when I discovered I had a healing ancestor that gave spiritual messages to people that I never met before and knew nothing about.  She told me of their past and current issues plaquing their lives. Then she gave each instruction on what needed to be done so these issues could be resolved. After this my spiritual life began to change rapidly.

After 12 years of studying, practicing, and invocation of the Ancient Kemetic Neteru, it led me even more deeply into my Afrikan Roots.  This deep opening would lead me to my Nana (spiritual teacher in the Akan Priesthood Tradition). After my graduation into the Akan priesthood, myself and a small group traveled to Ghana, in 1994 with my Nana. Years later, I found myself initiating to become a Sangoma. After a grueling calling that lead me to my second teacher who identified what was happening to me. I was told I must go to South Africa to pick up my ancestors.  While I was going through my journey as a twaza, I did not know the spirit at the time but, Yeye Osun was mounting me (goddess of love, women's healing, romance, sex, creativity, joy, & laughter) so, shortly after graduating as a Sangoma, I went to Nigeria to be crowned Daughter of Osun. Years later while visiting Cuba, to take one of my students to be crowned Osun, I was informed that in my path to Osun, it is where Yeye transfers herself into an Egun (an ancestral spirit) and works with the Ancestors.

This knowledge gave me more clarity in seeing how the Abosom, Orisha, and Amadlozi are all connected and work together to form a complete functional unit for me to be successful in my personal life, by spiritual work and to help others do the same, thus “Together We Heal!”

Osun's Orgasmic Healing International and Ubunye Sangoma are gifts from my collective spirits. These portals, for healing, were granted to me to help others on their journey. I must acknowledge that is it is through the collaboration of our Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine that the sacred healing power of spiritual healing flows through me to those willing and ready to receive.

Rod Echols has been interested in the power of Sound since working as a Roadie and Stage Technician for the World-Renowned Art Ensemble of Chicago as a young man in the early 80's.  Rod has also spent time throughout the years playing bass guitar and creating music with various musicians in his hometown of St. Louis, Mo.

It was in seeing how the audiences were moved and shifted during the various points of a performance that really started Rod on the long path of becoming a Sound Therapist.

Rod has done individual and group facilitation since 1997 starting with his own initiation into Mankind Project's New Warrior Training Adventure.  During this time, Rod was trained in deep emotional work that leads to added clarity and balance. That experience is now integrated with Sound Therapy when necessary.

Having also worked in the world of technology and achieving Master Inventor status, Rod combines the Spiritual, Scientific and practical aspects of Sound and Vibrations to assist individuals and groups into states of wellbeing.

As a Certified Sound Therapist, Rod has studied with some of the leading experts in the field through Globe Institute in San Francisco, California.

Carla Gover is an Appalachian folk singer from Eastern Kentucky, and she was inspired to craft this song using her own lyrics combined with some from Peggy Seeger, set to a mountain-style “warning ballad”. The song deals with #MeToo themes and flips the script on traditional gender roles and dynamics. It asks men to imagine living as women have to, doing things like being careful walking at night, covering up our bodies, traveling in pairs, and being told to “smile”, with the awareness that if we’re victimized and come forward about it, we are likely to be disbelieved or even blamed for it.

The video for the song was created in conjunction with local feminist dance group Shisha and Teresa Tomb, founder of Mecca Dance studios, as well as EKY videographer Jared Hamilton. In it, the artists create images that simultaneously echo the themes of the song while also portraying empowered women. Musicians Zoey Barrett (Carla’s daughter) and Diane Timmons also perform on the song. Participants in this virtual16th ANNUAL GREAT MOTHER HONORING AND CELEBRATION will be the first to see the world premiere SNEAK PEEK of the project!

The artists hope the song and video will shed light on this age-old toxic dynamic and help create a consciousness shift that honors the balance between the sacred feminine and divine masculine and helps to create a world where women are able to live, love, and go about their lives in safety, peace, and freedom.

pronouns: she/her

Kentucky Songstress & Inspiring Educator

CornMaiz String Band

Zoe Speaks Roots Music

Artistic Director Cornbread & Tortillas


Wapajea Walks On Water is a nationally recognized traditional healing song story woman, and sweat lodge water pourer. "Mama Walks On Water as many call her, is the fourth generation of Native American, African sound healing women in her family. She was taught by her Choctaw mother, "Mountain Eagle Woman," and her Creek African grandmother to use the energy of sound to nourish the emotions, cleanse the spirit and to wake up the ancestral memory.

Walks On Water spent the first 19 years of her life singing with her siblings in her mother’s Chicago gospel choir. She then went on to become the 1st lead singer for Dr Buzzard’s Original Savanna Band, and to work for and learn from such greats as Sammy Davis Jr. and Lionel Hampton. For the past 35 years, she has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Africa and the Caribbean, lecturing, performing, and studying.

Her song seminars and lecture/concerts center around helping the audience tap into the celestial root of sound, and its healing effects on the body. Participants are taken on a historical journey through time that assists them in reconnecting with the ancient "mother voice."

Priestess Serene Rivers began her spiritual reawakening in 2006. Through daily reading of the Bible and meditation she gained her first remembered glimpses of the mystical life. She has been a mystic ever since. Her formal healers’ journey began in 2007 when she received her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Howard University. As her mystical journey continued she was guided to Reiki, an ancient energetic healing system, and became a Reiki practitioner. A short time later her mystical journey guided her to answer the call to become a priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries.

Priestess Serene is synthesizing her work as a healer along with the power of her voice as medicine for healing. Her most potent medicine for the world is contained in the songs and stories she writes. Her intention is to use these mediums to challenge and change what people think is healthy living and help them to envision a higher way of living that benefits all of humanity. However, as a black woman, she feels that her current focus of healing needs to be with black women because healing just this demographic would have such a profound and positive impact on the whole planet. Currently she lives in Oakland, California with her husband and two sons and connects best to The Most High through nature. You can find her music on I-Tunes, Spotify and YouTube.



La’Shelle Allen, Contralto, is a native of Baltimore, Maryland where she began her journey in music at the Baltimore School for the Arts. After graduation, Ms. Allen relocated to New York City to pursue her studies and was hired as Mezzo-Soloist for the Harlem Spiritual Ensemble. This began her professional career performing nationally and internationally for more than 25 years. Highlights of Ms. Allen’s work include appearances at St. Peter’s Basilica, Grand Théâtre de Genève and North Sea Jazz Festival de Vienne.


Her operatic experience has afforded her the opportunity to perform with the Metropolitan Opera, the Royal Danish Opera, Lyric Opera Chicago, Houston Grand Opera, Cincinnati Opera, University of Kentucky Opera Theater, Bluegrass Opera, Teatro Colon, Bogota, Teatro Petruzzelli, Bari and Israeli Opera, Tel-Aviv. Ms. Allen works not only as a Classical Vocalist but also as Composer/Arranger, Producer, Actress, Recording and Voice-Over Artist. Ms. Allen is the creator of Spirituals In Motion, a unique concert experience and educational outreach program honoring and building on the music and history of the American Negro Spiritual.


Priestess Alexis Pauline Gumbs (Namah Lilah Mingshee) is a Sacred Feminine Mysteries who crossed over in 2016. Priestess Alexis is also the author of Spill: Scenes of Black Feminist Fugitivity and co-editor of Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines. Priestess Alexis is the daughter of the therapist Pauline McKenzie and the poet and life coach Clyde Gumbs and the granddaughter of Anguillian Revolutionaries Jeremiah and Lydia Gumbs and Jamaican immigrants Joyce and Joseph McKenzie.

Priestess Alexis offers writing and teaching as forms of ceremonial access to the divine transformative tradition of Black Feminism through her tiny university Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind. She holds a PhD in English, Africana Studies and Women and Gender Studies from Duke University and a BA in American Studies from Barnard College at Columbia University.




Priest Jermaine Sango Olose (Spirit Buffalo) is the owner of the double edge ax, the holder of power, and a Great Warrior. Priest Sango Olose is Ordained as a Priest of Sango in the Ifa Tradition, and truly embraces the Institutes Philosophy of “Many Paths One Truth.”  Priest Sango Olose is a musician, poet, writer and teacher.  Priest Sango Olose earned a Bachelor of Science in Community and Leadership Development with Associates in Telecommunications and African American Studies from The University of Kentucky.  He also continued his education to graduate with Honors from Sullivan University with a Master’s of Science in Managing Information Technology.

On his spiritual path, Priest Sango Olose began his journey in the C.M.E Christian Church, highly involved in Youth Leadership & choir, Community Service and the Usher Board.  Over time his spiritual interests expanded greatly to include the Nation of Islam, Ausar Auset Society, and is a proud Water Pourer of the Ancestral Sweat Lodge in the tradition of the Lakota people.  Priest Sango Olose is also highly involved in arts programs and community development through Sankofa Rites of Passage Program, Louisville Fund for the Arts NeXt program, Board Member of the West Louisville Performing Arts Academy, 10+ years teaching percussion to children with the River City Drum Corp and currently a performing member of Kuevbo West African Drum and Dance Group.






Priestess Dara Kwayera Imani Bayer crossed over into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries (SFM) Priesthood in the summer of 2015. However, her spiritual journey began years ago in the Afro-Brazilian religion of Candomble, and has since led her to seek the divine wisdom of the Creatress and the Ancient Mothers through the practices and teachings of many indigenous traditions.

Priestess Dara is a social justice organizer, educator, and artist, who has the privilege to creatively learn with and from young people every day about the struggle to be more fully human. Her grassroots community based work has focused on anti-racist organizing, environmental justice, Palestine solidarity, and the liberation of political prisoners. As an SFM priestess she is most interested in integrating social transformation and spiritual consciousness, particularly in building intergenerational connections and supporting the empowerment of young women.

Priestess Deniese Woolfolk is a priestess of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries who crossed over in August 2018. Priestess Deniese is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Sacred Bodyworker. She is the Owner/Operator of Subtle Energy Massage Therapy in Lexington Kentucky. She utilizes the ancient practices of Ayurveda, Vibrational Medicine and Crystal Therapy in her healing sessions.

Priestess Deniese is also a Movement Facilitator utilizing dance, body movement and guided visualizations to release stored blockages held within the chakra system.  Deniese believes there is an innate wisdom within, which allows us to heal from adversity and trauma, so we can live with purpose and passion. Priestess Deniese is also inspired to share ancient tools and practices with her clients as well as the transgender community. Sacred Womb/Dantien Healings, Ancestral lineage and timeline healings, help to clear one’s path to Self-Realization and Freedom.  Her intention is to organize her Prism Perspective Program into a local non-profit organization for transgender individuals and their families, providing support and education during the discovery and integration of each soul’s Personal Truth.


His Majesty, (KING) Eze Chukwuemeka Eri, Ezeora 34th & Aka Ji Ovo Igbo, is a First Class Nigerian Monarch, a direct descendant of Eri & his Obu-Gad Palace in South Eastern Nigeria is the base of the Eri priestly sect. This priestly sect carried out the functions of the coronation of kings and purification ceremonies in Igbo land. His dynasty is one of the oldest dynasties in Africa.

He is the sacred holder of the Ovo Eri & as well occupying the throne of Eri at Obu-Gad which is located in the present Anambra State in Nigeria.



I am HRM Oba Olowogbofalue Ifasade Olosunde Egbeyemi. I am the Iyalode Osun Alawoye of Ibadan Nigeria.

I am the successor of my late Grandfather HRM Oba Olowobosin Olowafo Olowogbofalue Ifadoju. This title is of my linage, it is my birthright. I came back to reclaim the throne. Initiation to Osun then gave me the title of Iyalode Osun Alawoye.

I am here to be of service to humanity, to help heal and change the vibration of the planet with LOVE. By allowing the Divine Wisdom, by way of the Sacred Feminine, my ancestors, Egbe and Orisa, to work through me as a vessel to bring the changes necessary for this world.

I am a Mother, Sister, Auntie, Godmother, Priest, Healer, Diviner, Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher, Public Speaker and soon to be Author.

In order to fulfill my destiny, I must be obedient to the Divine Spiritual Powers that bestow these titles on me. As its with their Grace I am able to speak and touch the hearts of many.

With the Ancestors support and Ore Yeye Osun and Egbe Iyalode’s guidance, we at “Ife Osun Alawoye”, will be successful at healing and changing the vibration of this planet with LOVE.

How often do you find that your work in life of caring, sharing, healing, loving, and supporting the many is so enjoyably loving that it doesn’t feel like work? It’s more of a way of life.

It’s not always easy to articulate what your world looks like with the full aid and support of the spiritual realm.

Contact information



YouTube Channel: Ife Osun Alawoye

Instagram: oba.iyalode.osunalawoye

Facebook: Oba Olowogbofalue Ifasade Olosunde

Nji Moussa Njikam is a Notable within the Bamoun Kingdom in Cameroon, West Africa. He is also, Chief of the Bamoun Community in Washington DC and representative of His Majesty Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya, Sultan and 19th King of the Bamoun Kingdom.

For more information about the Bamoun Kingdom:


Wapajea Walks On Water is a nationally recognized traditional healing song story woman, and sweat lodge water pourer. "Mama Walks On Water as many call her, is the fourth generation of Native American, African sound healing women in her family. She was taught by her Choctaw mother, "Mountain Eagle Woman," and her Creek African grandmother to use the energy of sound to nourish the emotions, cleanse the spirit and to wake up the ancestral memory.

Walks On Water spent the first 19 years of her life singing with her siblings in her mother’s Chicago gospel choir. She then went on to become the 1st lead singer for Dr Buzzard’s Original Savanna Band, and to work for and learn from such greats as Sammy Davis Jr. and Lionel Hampton. For the past 35 years, she has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Africa and the Caribbean, lecturing, performing, and studying.

Her song seminars and lecture/concerts center around helping the audience tap into the celestial root of sound, and its healing effects on the body. Participants are taken on a historical journey through time that assists them in reconnecting with the ancient "mother voice."

Her Majesty Queen Mother Dòwòti Désir of the Royal Palace of Dada Daagbo Hounon Houna, is the Founder and President of, The AfroAtlantic Theologies & Treaties Institute (ATI). She is also the Ambassador of the Grand Conseil du Vodun Hwendo of Benin. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the Queen Mother or Kpodjito (Reine Mate of the King) is an interfaith leader, and Manbo Asogwe (High Priest) in Haitian Vodou. Her Majesty is the Past Chairperson of the NGO Committee for the Elimination of Racism, Afrophobia and Colorism located at the United Nations.  A human rights activist, educator, curator, photographer, author and humanitarian, she has traveled extensively documenting the historic sites, memorials, and monuments of the transatlantic slave trade in captive Africans.

From 2017-2018, she served as the designated UNESCO Desk Review Expert for the New Approaches and Interpretations to Slavery Museums and Sites International Conference.  Her recent 2020 publication entitled, Redlining A Holocaust, Memorials and the People of the AfroAtlantic: Wòch kase wòch, is the companion text of the 2015, Goud kase goud: Conjuring Memory in Spaces of the AfroAtlantic. Both books commemorate the UN International Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024.

Her Majesty is the first Haitian born person in over five centuries to ascend to a throne on the African continent and is the first formally consecrated Kpodjito of Benin since the end of the 19th century. A graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University, she received her Master of Arts degree from the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, and conferred her Doctorate of Ministry from The New Seminary in interfaith studies.


Dr. Laurence (Larry) H. Kant is a historian of religion, engaged mystic and scholar in the pursuit of wisdom. His journey has been about discovering meaning in every issue and facet of life while integrating scholarship, spirituality, mysticism, poetry, community, economics, and politics seamlessly.

He has served on the faculty of Cornell University (Ithaca, NY), York University (Toronto), and Lexington Theological Seminary (Lexington, KY).

He also, works in many languages: Ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, English, French, Italian, German, Modern Greek (some Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish).

Larry is the holder of numerous honors and awards, including The Rome Prize in Classics (Prix de Rome) and Fellow of the American Academy of Rome.

Elder Dr. Michael Laws is the Pastor and Founder of a Hebrew ministry called Congregation Beit Ephraim located in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Dr. Michael’s religious concentration has been on biblical history with special emphasis on the African Hebrew migration. His work regarding the African Hebrew Migration from a biblical perspective has received national and international attention.



Dr. Sid Jordan has combined a career as a licensed clinical psychologist and meditation teacher since 1971.  As a clinical psychologist, he taught individual, group and family psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, and community psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at the Medical University of S. C. from 1969-93.  During this period, he also served for five years as director of the Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Services at the Franklin C. Fetter Neighborhood Health Care Center in Charleston S. C.  He has published numerous articles and book chapters on psycho-physiological management of emotions, yoga psychology and Neohumanist philosophy/education.

In 1994 he moved to Asheville NC to develop an eco-village to support the service community of Ananda Girisuta (Blissful Daughter of the Mountain) on the French Broad River near Marshall, NC.  In 1997 he trained to become an Ananda Marga Family Acarya (Yoga Teacher) in India committed to giving personal instructions in meditation and yoga.

He currently serves as president of the Ananda Marga Gurukula Inc. Board in the US, supporting Neohumanist Education K-colleges worldwide. He is the president of the board at the Prama Institute on the Ananda Girisuta property where he helps direct programing and teaches yoga psychology and spiritual practices.  At the Prama Wellness Center he teaches yoga therapy and stress management to individuals and groups.   Most recently he is working with a higher education team to develop a Neohumanist College of Asheville that will serve as the first hub of a global university without walls that offers a hybrid of distance learning and mentoring.

He continues to offer his 40 years of experience and teaching of yoga psychology, philosophy, and practices to audiences worldwide.

Judith Broadus, Ph.D. has been a licensed psychologist in private practice in Lexington Kentucky since 1985 with a special interest in trauma, women's issues, and meditation. She is the mother of three children, now all grown and productively living their own lives. Judith completed three years of professional training with the Kentucky Center of Psychosynthesis in 1983 and attended many workshops in Psychosynthesis since. She has presented on Psychosynthesis at national conferences and was a steering committee member of AAP for three years.

Judith has also been practicing meditation for more than twenty years and is a Vajrayana practitioner of Shambhala Buddhism. She has had a long desire to combine meditation and psychosynthesis and published an article in AAP's Conversation on Psychosynthesis and Buddhism . Prior to that article, she co-authored an article with Vincent Dummer, Psy.D., also in Conversations, entitled, "Will in Modern Psychology: A brief Survey of Recent Psychological Findings Related to Will".

In 2019 she completed a long-extended meditation retreat that spanned ten years, intermittent with Shambhala Household practice, and community-building activities.  She continues to live in the country with the plants, animals, (including two collies, two cats and three peacocks), happily married to her husband and usually enjoying the sun, moon, stars, and a variety of weather phenomena.

Rev. Willis Garnett Polk is the Pastor of Imani Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky.

When asked Rev. Polk will share that his deepest desire is that he might be one with the Father.







Elder Dr. Na’im Akbar, internationally noted scholar, lecturer and author, has established a highly respected reputation for his research in African-American Psychology. His scholarship in this area has led to numerous honors including the Distinguished Psychologist Award from the National Association of Black Psychologists; Honorary Doctorates of Human Letters from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and Lincoln University as well as commemorative Days named in his honor in a half dozen major American cities, and a Development Chief in Ghana, West Africa.




His Excellency Commissioner Elder Nuumo Taalib El Amin, DPM African Kingdoms Federation is a former Adjunct Professor and Student of Nile Valley African Civilizations, and an initiated Elder in West Afrikan Spirituality. Currently he works with the AKF-FOS ISEA UN ECOSOC Federation, under the leadership of HIM Empress Shebah Kasambu ‘Ra III, the Reigning Queen of Sheba, with a program designed to end poverty and hunger in all 55 African nations.






Elder Awo Fa’lokun Fatunmbi is an initiated diviner in the society of Ifa diviners who practice the traditional religion of Yoruba culture. He has received initiations in Ogboni, Egungun, Orisa, Ebora and Iyaami. Based on these initiations he has written many books based on his training that occurred during six of his visits to Nigeria on the metaphysical principles coded into the initiation process. He believes that the key to understanding the Mystery of Creation is through an understanding of the mystery of self.


Elder Dr. Jimmy L. Kirby, retired professor of church and society was born in Tennessee and grew up in Kentucky and in Indianapolis, IN.  In 1979 he became an active volunteer worker and teacher in the McClendon Tabernacle Christian Methodist Episcopal (C.M.E.) Church in Indianapolis. Dr. Kirby's graduate education has continued the combination of education and ethics. His dissertation was on the philosophy of the religious educator George Albert Coe and its implications for education with a social vision in the C.M.E. Church. He and his wife, Marion, are members of Phillips Memorial C.M.E. Church and are the parents of three grown children.





Elder Dr. Michael Laws is the Pastor and Founder of a Hebrew ministry called Congregation Beit Ephraim located in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Dr. Michael’s religious concentration has been on biblical history with special emphasis on the African Hebrew migration. His work regarding the African Hebrew Migration from a biblical perspective has received national and international attention.







Elder Don Offutt, for over 50 years now has been committed to the education, empowerment and upliftment of people of color. He has been a beacon of light for countless young people who otherwise would have been lost in darkness. As a champion for the oppressed and a serious student of war; Elder Don is a third Degree Black Belt Shotokan, Mfundi Kupi Gana Ngumi, Life Member Omega Psi Phi, Inc., U.S. Army Veteran and Asafo.






Elder Babatunde Jerry Gore was instrumental in the opening of the National Underground Railroad Museum on West Fourth Street in Maysville, located in the Bierbower house, which was owned by slavery opponents. "When he retired, he wanted to build a platform to tell the story of slavery.  He dressed the part and spoke the part. "He was proud he could tell the story and he always said 'We can learn from the past.'"

March 27, 1946 – August 3, 2016
May He Rest In Peace and Continue to Guide Us From
…The Ancestral Realm…